• New Ribbon Laces

    6 new colours have been added to the options available for Ribbon Laces. 

    To help the Rainbow Laces campaign and show support to the LGBTQ+ community, the Bright and Pastel Rainbow pairs can be bought separately here!

  • Christmas Orders

    If you're looking to order a pair as a Christmas gift, or have a design in mind that you're wishing for then I have some all important dates for you! 
  • Celebrating 10 years in business!

    Apparently only 30% of small businesses survive to see their 10 year anniversary, so it's a good job I'm celebrating the big 10 in style.  You may...
  • Here's to a Green 2021

    Let's kick off 2021 with something green! I’ve switched up the mailing bags to a compostable option which can be put in with your green waste and n...
  • 9 Years in Business!

    Hopefully life will allow a party in 365 days when my little business celebrates 10 years! 

    But until then it's been 9 years of fun, creativity, experiments and development. There was a point in March when I wasn't sure I'd hit 9 years, but I'm determined to ride out this wave and see in 10 years in 2021. Stick with me! 

  • Celebrating 7 years in business!

    I get a bit weirded out when I stop and think that 7 years ago I created this business out of nothing as I turned 19. It's the longest I've ever spent on one thing, or in one place in my life and that's only by beating my years spent at primary school!
  • 5 Years of Custom Converse

    If someone had told my 18 year old self, studying hard for my A Levels to ensure I got into my first choice University before the Government tripled the fees; that in just over 5 years I would be celebrating the 5th Anniversary of my own business I would have laughed.
  • 1000th Pair

    A few weeks ago I passed the 1000th pair milestone!
  • Relocation

    Custom Converse has been relocated!

    Over the past 3 weeks I have had a new art studio built in the garden and had it fully kitted out with everything I could possibly need for the running of Custom Converse :)