• Organza Laces

    I have another new addition to the website with pairs of pretty Organza shoelaces which have a satin edge and give a softer finish. They're only available in a few colour choices at the moment but I will update these as and when I can get hold of the stock of the organza ribbon. 
  • Earth Tones

    Converse have released a new range of seasonal colours to take us into the autumn season of 2021. The Earth Tones range features 4 new high top colours and 2 new low top colours and I have added a (high/low) reminder with the shoe colour options on the design pages, so please double check that the colour is available in the style you'd like before placing your order. 
  • New Converse Shoe Colours

    Twice a year Converse switch up their seasonal colours and the refresh for January 2021 sees a gorgeous selection of natural blues and greens added to the mix. 
  • Get Gifting

    Gift Cards can now be ordered directly through the Shop! They are available in a wide range of amounts and will be emailed directly to you ready to be printed out and included in a card, or you can forward the email on to your recipient.
  • Canvas Wall Art

    I had a creative itch which needed scratching and its a step away from footwear. Since I've been experimenting with using gold leaf on Nike shoes I couldn't help but be drawn to the stunning shine it offers and the way it catches the light, especially on surfaces which aren't flat. 
  • Postponed Weddings

    2020 has been an unexpected year to say the least and so many of you have unfortunately had to postpone your Weddings until 2021. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that the 2021 dates can go ahead as you've planned them to; but for anyone looking to place an order for a Wedding design my advice is to leave the date off your shoes for now. It can always be added closer to the wedding or after the big day!
  • Gifting

    Birthdays and anniversaries have become a bit of a challenge in the current climate, so to help you all out I'm offering FREE gift wrapping and a cute little handwritten note for anyone who would like to send a gift to a friend or family member! Along with this UK postage is currently FREE whilst lockdown is in place. 
  • COVID-19

    We are currently open for business. I will keep this page updated as and when things change..

  • Carbon Offsetting

    Capturing and storing carbon in the atmosphere is vital in the fight against climate change. By making a donation to the Woodland Trust, you'll help plant trees and protect woodland across the UK, locking up carbon and creating havens of green space for wildlife and people.
  • Nike, Vans and more!

    I'm branching out! After a few requests for custom pairs of Vans (the Britney Spears Baby One More Time design being extremely popular) I've got a few new options added up to the shop.