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Bastille have been one of the UK's most successful bands this year, and their frontman Dan Smith is rarely seen without a pair of Converse on his feet. When I discovered that the band would be visiting Cambridge on their next UK tour I started to play around with a few design ideas in the hope of being able to get a custom pair to Dan.

The final design featured the band logo for To Kill A King, friends of Bastille and support act for a number of their tour dates, and a simple Twin Peaks themed logo. Dan Smith has been seen wearing a number of Twin Peaks and To Kill A King related t-shirts in the past, so it was the obvious choice for his Custom Converse.

Getting the Converse to Dan was purely down to luck and timing in the end. I waited for about 2 hours outside the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Saturday, watched To Kill A King unload their equipment into the venue and listened in to Woody and Will from Bastille doing their sound check. I was waiting with a small group of very nice fans when one of them spotted Dan and Kyle appear round the front of their tour bus so I ran over and managed to get Dan's attention whilst he was on the phone and asking to be let in the back entrance to the venue. I didn't have long as they were clearly in a hurry but I showed Dan that they were customized and handed them over, receiving his thanks 'Oh wow! Thank you so much - they're wicked! and a hug.



I could sense that there was a large number of people behind me so had a search round on Twitter and managed to find a few of the photos which were quickly taken - so credit goes to: @_elenamai and @RachelSmit2 for the photos.

Later on in the evening I also received a tweet of thanks from Dan. One very lucky, but successful day for Custom Converse!



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