Branded Pairs

If you're looking for a novel way to help promote your business then branded pairs of Converse are definitely for you. Set your staff off on the right foot and get your company logo noticed wherever they go!

I completed an order last year for Vodafone for 15 pairs of branded Converse to help launch a new product of theirs. The pairs were given out to staff to be worn on the day of the event and went down so well they came back for an extra 3 pairs a few weeks later! Safe to say my studio was pretty full for a couple of days!

It's not just the big corporations who can benefit from unique branding, James from 24/7 Fitness returned to Custom Converse to get 3 pairs of black high tops customised with the gym's newly updated logo a few weeks ago. He'd had some pairs made up a few years back and even used Custom Converse for his Wedding Shoes!


As I work independently I do prefer to produce branded pairs in small quantities, but larger orders can be split across months with a payment plan. If you think your company would benefit from Custom Branded Converse then drop me a message in the contact form and we can discuss the design and options.


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