Canvas Wall Art

I had a creative itch which needed scratching and its a step away from footwear. Since I've been experimenting with using gold leaf on Nike shoes I couldn't help but be drawn to the stunning shine it offers and the way it catches the light, especially on surfaces which aren't flat. 

I've been working on a way to create a 3D embossed look and feel to a canvas, the eye catching sort which has your hand reaching out to touch the surface, and I think I've managed to achieve it. 

I started with a simple geometric mountain range design and paired it with a dark navy background to make the gold leaf stand out. Then moved onto something a little bit more intricate to test my new skills! 

Both of these pieces are up for sale in the new Canvas Wall Art collection, and I plan to keep developing the collection with a series of animal themed geometric designs. 

As always if you would like to comission your own design idea you can get in contact and let me know what you'd like! 

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