Carbon Offsetting

Capturing and storing carbon in the atmosphere is vital in the fight against climate change. By making a donation to the Woodland Trust, you'll help plant trees and protect woodland across the UK, locking up carbon and creating havens of green space for wildlife and people.

I have introduced a new shipping option which will allow you to make a £1 donation when placing your order. This will help to offset the carbon footprint created from the shipping method and packaging used to deliver your order. The mailing bags which are currently used by Custom Converse are already produced from recycled plastics, but I am also looking into getting biodegradable mailing bags for future use.

Your donation will support the work of the Woodland Trust, including their aim of planting a tree for every person in the UK by 2025. You can find out more about the work the Woodland Trust are doing in the fight against climate change here.

Use your Converse footprint to help your Carbon footprint!

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