Celebrating 7 years in business!

I get a bit weirded out when I stop and think that 7 years ago I created this business out of nothing as I turned 19. It's the longest I've ever spent on one thing, or in one place in my life and that's only by beating my years spent at primary school! With each year that goes by I'm picking up new skills, getting stronger artistically and slowly venturing into new areas to see what opportunities they can throw my way.

I've painted over 7,500 pairs of Converse and don't plan on stopping any time soon. I still love it! I love how designs come together as I'm working on them, how pop culture changes and gives me new themes to work around, and I especially love getting photos of you wearing your Converse from all over the world.

The excitement around opening up the shoe box and seeing your Custom Converse for the first time is a feeling that I know well. Seeing people admire your Converse as you wear them allows that excitement to continue. Each pair are personal and mean more to you than just your average pair of shoes. That's exactly why hand painted is best. Made with love, to be loved.

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