Misty Eye

Yesterday afternoon I ventured off into town to find the new hmv store which was opening in Cambridge in order to give Aiden Grimshaw his very own Custom Converse.  He was there doing a signing for his new debut album Misty Eye which can be bought right here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/misty-eye/id531764944

When this website was first launched he very kindly gave the link a re-tweet and boosted my views massively so this was just a small token of thanks.

I painted them up over a week ago so have been sat patiently waiting to hand them over and he absolutely loved them! He was so grateful and impressed! Later on in the evening he posted this tweet and photo too :D

One very successful day for Custom Converse and I cannot wait to see photos of him wearing them out and about!

For all the rest of you Aiden fans out there, I will create an order page for them in the next week, they'll be priced at £75, and the design will allow you your own choice of lyrics for the inner sides, either high or low top converse and the eye design will differ slightly in order to keep Aiden's pair more unique.


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