Nike, Vans and more!

I'm branching out! After a few requests for custom pairs of Vans (the Britney Spears Baby One More Time design being extremely popular) I've got a few new options added up to the shop. The order pages are designed with Converse in mind so don't fit exacty to other shoe styles which makes life a little tricky but we can work around it, and if you get really stuck just drop me an email and we can discuss everything.


The ruby red Glitter Vans looked amazing and I can't wait to make up more pairs. There are plenty of colour options with the glitter and I can add smaller areas to existing designs rather than covering the whole shoe, so again if you have an idea in mind get in contact and let me know.

I also have a lovely new set of paints which means I can create full designs on leather shoes with lasting results. I've just painted up these Nike Air Force 1 Mid's with a black and white Astro Chalboard theme which have an amazing contrast and cool design. They are a size UK 9 and are up for sale so if you like the look of them get in touch!

I'd love to get working on more pairs of Nike, Adidas, Superga, Dr. Martens, the list goes on - I can paint them all!

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