Postponed Weddings

2020 has been an unexpected year to say the least and so many of you have unfortunately had to postpone your Weddings until 2021. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that the 2021 dates can go ahead as you've planned them to; but for anyone looking to place an order for a Wedding design my advice is to leave the date off your shoes for now. It can always be added closer to the wedding or after the big day!

I have also been painting over quite a few postponed dates, but this isn't always an easy job or possible without ruining the balance of the whole design. 


The Banner design is one which works well to cover a Personalised pair, or if you've added the date to the Heel Tags then I can paint over the existing colour or add a new one with the date over the top. 

If all else fails then keeping the original date on the shoes isn't such a bad thing, it'll be there to remind you what you've already faced and if you can pair it up with the new date too it'll add to the sentimental value!



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