Whoopi Goldberg on Loose Women

If anyone was watching Loose Women this Friday then you will have seen the incredible Whoopi Goldberg receiving her London Landmarks Converse live on air!

The Loose Women team got in contact with me to get a surprise gift organised for Whoopi and they requested a London theme with the Loose Women logo, and for Whoopi's name to be included somewhere on the Converse. I thought the main logo would work brilliantly as heel tags and would also leave the tongues free for personalising.

The finished pair looked like this and went down very with with Whoopi and the Loose Women. So much so that she even changed into them during the ad break!

Whoopi is fast gaining a reputation for her impressive shoe collection, so this totally bespoke pair will fit right in!

I was honoured to be asked to create them for her, and I'm so pleased that they went down so well! What an exciting moment! If you missed the show and want to see the unveiling of the Converse then you can watch it back below:

Update: Whoopi stuck to her word!

I wrote this post over the weekend and 48 hours later I'm coming back to add extra news. Whoopi had her first day back on ABC's The View and wore her Custom Converse for the show! She talked about her trip to London and her time on Loose Women, including a big mention for her new shoes.

I'm over the moon that they've been received so well, and it's amazing to see them looking so good on TV too. Thank you Whoopi Goldberg!



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